Recyclable Cooler Good For The Environment, Not For Your Wallet

by Trish

For some reason, urban-dwellers like myself feel a strange obligation in the summertime to leave our cozy, air-conditioned life and spend a weekend in flimsy nylon structures. This process entails buying expensive equipment you will rarely use, attempting to slink out of the office early, spending hours stuck in traffic, and being feasted upon by mosquitos. All in the name of ‘fun’. 

If camping plans are in your future, here’s a new accessory: a fully recyclable cooler, brought to you by Cascades. This cooler, proportedly made from 70% recycled cardboard, features a thermal lining that will keep items chilled for up to 36 hours. It’s also waterproof, weatherproof, and reusable. Nicely designed, too.

The problem is the cost: $14.99 plus an extra $8 for them to ship it to you. Why on earth does it cost them $8 to ship me an empty cardboard box? Also, a cursory inspection of the Walmart website shows that I can buy an actual cooler of comparable size for $15.86. For roughly the same price, you can either get a proper cooler or a trendy cooler that you can throw out.

Before I write this product off completely, though, I will concede that if you are an urban-dweller like myself, you probably don’t want a bulky cooler taking up space in your apartment the other 51 weekends in the year. In that case, it’s a great eco-friendly option if you’re set on the disposable cooler route. Plus, you’ll have something to chat with the hippies about around the campfire. 

Available from Cascade. Via the National Post.

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