Parmesan Pencils: Cheese Meets Adorable

by Trish

There aren’t a heck of a lot of foods that aren’t improved by shaved parmesan. And now with these adorable pencil-shaped cheese sticks you can add parmesan to everything on-the-go while not seeming like a weirdo who carries around hunks of cheese with them. 

Each ‘pencil’ is actually made of parmesan cheese, with a ‘lead’ of pesto, chili, or truffles. The whole kit is complete with a ‘sharpener’ to shave pieces of parmesan onto whatever your heart desires. While I haven’t tried these cute little edible contraptions, I think it’s a fun idea provided they used a half decent parm. Sadly, they’re not currently available online, but if they were I think they would make fun gifts or great conversation starters. 

via Tessie

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